Here's a new veil from Rosa Mystica Mantilla, Claudia. This is a tea stained version of the Joan veil. It's the same Venice lace trim, and the same Chantilly lace in the body of the wrap veil as the Joan veil, only in a different color.

There are two Claudias of note. St. Claudia was the mother of Linus, who was the second Pope. She was one of the woman in Rome whom Paul mentions in second Timothy.

The other was Pontius Pilot's wife. In the Gospel of Matthew, Claudia warns her husband not to condemn Our Lord Jesus to death.

Matthew 27 [19] And as he was sitting in the place of judgment, his wife sent to him, saying: Have thou nothing to do with that just man; for I have suffered many things this day in a dream because of him.

Here above is a beautifully done etching, The Dream of Pilot's Wife, by Alphonse Francois. We see Claudia descending the stairs. She's escorted by her guardian angel who is whispering to her. And she's very obviously troubled. At the top of the stairs, a lamp reveals that she's just now left her bed. The bed sheets are disheveled, indicating that she's had a fitful night's sleep. The rest of the piece reveals the passion, the heavens and a multitude of souls, many of whom are saints. Most are looking on towards Claudia, not Our Lord. They're like a Greek Chorus asking Claudia, "What will you do with this Jesus of Nazareth?"

Our Lord is in fact looking on towards Claudia as well.  He's opened her spiritual eyes in order for her to see, just as He'd previously opened the eyes of the blind men. "What will ye that I do to you?", Our Lord seems to call out to Claudia. He calls to Claudia as He calls to you and I. Do we will Him to be our saviour? 
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