Are You A Lone Veiler?

Sometimes I get mail from ladies I call "lone veilers." Are you a lone veiler? You know, the only lady at church who wears the chapel veil?

You are?! I admire you for your heroic fearlessness. You do what you believe is right regardless of what others may think. I'm sharing a letter from a dear lone veiler lady, with her permission. I'm including my reply.

Hi Ann,
I hope you can assist me, I go to mass daily and of course Sundays, I started kneeling for Holy Communion,
and sometimes there are different priests, and they all disagree for me to kneel. Why? What can I do? Wearing a veil is also not acceptable in our parish as our priest says that I draw people to myself because I'm different, if I wear a veil.

I'm looking forward to hearing from you,

Greetings Patricia,  
The priests are very wrong to discourage you from these pious practices. Is there a more traditionally minded parish in your area? If so, perhaps you may want to consider joining them as a member. It would be better for you to be shepherded by a priest who is respectful and appreciative of our beautiful traditional practices. In addition, you'd be supporting a more traditionally Catholic church.
If there's no such place in your area, I feel for you, and this situation is a heavy cross for you to carry. Try not to be bitter, but don't back down either. You are not alone. There are many other ladies out there whom are what I call,"lone veilers." Please know how firmly I believe that you ladies are making a difference in a big way. Wear your chapel veil, kneel for Communion and pray the rosary! When you do that, you set a good example for others, and you're only doing what Catholics have been doing for centuries. How can that be wrong?

Kind regards,


Are you a lone veiler? You are not alone! How do people respond to your chapel veil? Let me know. I'd like to hear from you.

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