Venerable Maria Carmen Gonzales (Feast 17-July)

Thanks to Sensus Fedelium for sharing this sermon on you tube:
Published on Feb 3, 2014
Venerable Maria del Carmen González-Valerio y Sáenz de Heredia (March 14, 1930 -- July 17, 1939) was a Spanish girl who is venerated by the Roman Catholic Church and is being considered for sainthood. She was declared a venerable by Pope John Paul II on January 16, 1996. Her prominent family made a case for her canonization following her death, presenting the witnesses who had witnessed her death and heard her dying words and producing a diary Mari Carmen had kept. She had written "Long Live Spain! Long Live Christ the King" which was a battle cry given by those killed fighting in the Spanish Civil War. She told a nurse in the hospital: "My father died as a martyr. Poor mommy! And I am dying as a victim." For the child, Azaña was an representation of the government who had killed her father. She told an aunt that she wanted to make sacrifices and pray for the men who had killed her father. Her death represented Catholic teachings of self-sacrifice and martyrdom to save others from their sins. For more please visit & remember to say 3 Hail Marys for the priest

What a beautiful little soul. We've made this new chapel veil in her honor.!/Infinity-Veil-Eternity-veil-Lace-Mobius-Scarf-White-Chapel-Veil-Mantilla-for-Mass-Maria-Carmen-Gonzoles-Veil/p/59394897/category=9630455

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