Wednesday, July 16, 2014


In the fullness of time God sent His Son to die in such a way with His arms outstretched. He gives us all, what more do we want?

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Fun and Dreams with Spanish Lace Veils

It had been a rainy day; drab and dull with little excitement. But then the doorbell rang and suddenly, everything changed. The deliveryman brought packages to the front door... This was the shipment they had been waiting for, and in it were several new styles of mantillas direct from Spain!

 As the sisters tried out the new styles, they began to dream of what they would wear at the various churches and cathedrals they were to visit during their next whirlwind trip to Europe!

"I am sure this one is for wearing to the Santa Maria del Fiore in Florence!" 

"I should like to wear this one to the Sacre Coeur!" said little sister.

"And for Lourdes!"

"This lace is so fine. It should be just right to wear before the Blessed Sacrament at the Burgos Cathedral."

"Such a silky-smooth veil! It feels a little bit like the clouds of heaven.... I want to wear it to Notre Dame de Paris."

 This flowery one is to wear to the Cologne Cathedral (Kölner Dom)!

"When are we leaving for our whirlwind tour?" asked the little sister to the big. "Alas and alack, no date has been set as yet." answered big sister to little, "Until then, we shall continue to plan and dream..."

If you'd like to dream along with us, you can purchase these veils in our "ready to ship" Department. They'll be going up for sale in the next few days.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Married women and the black veil revisited.

How did the black veil become associated with married women?

Below is a photo that I took of the widow's veil at the Louisiana State Museum on Jackson Square in New Orleans. You can see how it is meant to cover the face and undoubtably the tears of the woman who wore it.

The widows veil of mourning.

A widow in mourning was required to wear black for about one to two years after the death of her husband. So say for example the woman was widowed and she began the morning process of wearing black. If during that year another family member died, she would begin the full morning all over again from the very beginning.

In those times, people were forced to face death far more frequently. So it's easy to see how in days gone by, it wasn't unusual for an adult woman to spend most of her life wearing black, what with the number of casualties from the Civil War, the lack of advanced medicine and the sheer number of diseases that were prevalent in those days. In those days, couples would have large families and they would hope that some of their children would survive to adulthood. But sadly many children didn't make it.

"The wearing of black is a custom that has been used for centuries. it dates back to a time when death was feared and wearing black was thought to make mourners draw less attention to themselves so that death would not claim them as its next victim. Mourning rituals were directly aimed at women, especially widows."

Nowadays women wear whatever color they prefer to chapel, married or not. But even in modern times black is still the traditional color worn at funerals. Who could ever forget the black veil Jacqueline Kennedy wore to her husband's funeral?

Saturday, April 5, 2014

I'm enjoying a short trip in New Orleans.

I am here with my husband and we're having a great time! Yesterday we went to the Cathedral of St. Louis.

Here is the main altar. What a beautiful old church!

Below is a photo taken of the rear of the Cathedral.

This statue of the Sacred Heart located on the grounds in back of the Cathedral. It lost a finger during Hurricane Katrina.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Jackie Kennedy in Spain with the Duchess of Alba, wearing a white mantilla and comb.

I had to share this. They are at a bull fight, can't you just tell by the expression on Jackie Kennedy's face? 

Watching a bullfight: Jackie Kennedy (centre) and the Duchess (right) are seen wearing traditional Spanish veils alongside the Countess of Quintanilla (left)

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Monday, February 17, 2014

Who Is The Patron Saint Of A Well Ordered Home?

I can't figure it out, When I did a search, St. Joseph came up for the selling of homes.

So officially I don't really know who it is. However to my mind, for patron saints of homemakers, there can be no better than the Blessed Virgin Mary, her mother St. Ann, and her cousin St. Elizabeth. Do you ever ask these three women to help you order your home?

I do that all the time, especially at certain parts of the Joyful mystery. Because of their sanctity and the fact that the family and home were essentially their vocations, I need their help.

I like to invite them into my home, and ask them to help me find order there in the midst of a very busy life. Most moms have a lot to balance: spiritual and material needs of their family, the needs of their household, and their own personal needs, too!  So we have to prioritize. 

For myself, that means deciding what's most essential and when to do it and then mostly sticking to the plan and not straying off on some tangent. 

1. Pray the rosary each morning. If I get a good night's sleep, I can get up in time to do this. 

2. Provide good food for my family. Have grace and a sit down family dinner--almost every night.

3. Tend to the various spiritual and temporal needs of my children.

4. Make sure the kids are helping with the chores and responsibilities at home. 

5. Pray at least a decade of the rosary as a family each night.

6. Get some real exercise a few times during the week.

7. Be kind to my spouse.

8. Make those chapel veils!

In my world that means a lot of things--or activities--I'd like to do are simply  not going to get done, because like everyone else, I'm limited by time. I can't do everything, and my home can't look like a house beautiful photo spread. It's okay and I need to be at peace about that.  

Saturday, February 15, 2014

New RM Mantilla Survey: What Are You Looking For? We'd Like To Know.

We've put together a brief survey in order to find out a little more about what our customers are looking for and how they view our website. We hope you'll take a minute or two to answer these ten questions.

RM Mantilla Survey