Alice Von Hildebrand's View on Veiling.

"And this is why the female body should be veiled because everything which is sacred calls for veiling. When Moses came down from Mount Sinai, he veiled his face. Why did he veil his face? Because he had spoken to God and at that very moment there was a sacredness that called for veiling. Now... feminists after Vatican II suddenly ‘discovered’ that when women go to Church veiled, it is a sign of their inferiority. The man takes off his hat and the woman puts on a veil. My goodness, how they have lost the sense of the supernatural. Veiling indicates sacredness and it is a special privilege of the woman that she enters church veiled.”

Here she is (above) in Rome with Pope Benedict XVI, wearing of course, a black veil. Do you agree with her reasoning? Did the veil (and head covering in general) disappear because women viewed it as a sign of "inferiority", or was it more a stripping away of yet another part of our Catholic identity, or was it both? By Catholic identity, I mean things like the rosary, the old statues, genuflecting, crossing oneself when passing a graveyard, etc... That sort of thing just wasn't "cool" post VII. I think that in the late 1960's and 70's, all that was viewed as the sorts of things old ladies did, not modern day Catholics. I was of course very young at the time, and she was a woman, so perhaps I'll defer to her on the matter due to her having been there.
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