Who Is The Patron Saint Of A Well Ordered Home?

I can't figure it out, When I did a search, St. Joseph came up for the selling of homes.

So officially I don't really know who it is. However to my mind, for patron saints of homemakers, there can be no better than the Blessed Virgin Mary, her mother St. Ann, and her cousin St. Elizabeth. Do you ever ask these three women to help you order your home?

I do that all the time, especially at certain parts of the Joyful mystery. Because of their sanctity and the fact that the family and home were essentially their vocations, I need their help.

I like to invite them into my home, and ask them to help me find order there in the midst of a very busy life. Most moms have a lot to balance: spiritual and material needs of their family, the needs of their household, and their own personal needs, too!  So we have to prioritize. 

For myself, that means deciding what's most essential and when to do it and then mostly sticking to the plan and not straying off on some tangent. 

1. Pray the rosary each morning. If I get a good night's sleep, I can get up in time to do this. 

2. Provide good food for my family. Have grace and a sit down family dinner--almost every night.

3. Tend to the various spiritual and temporal needs of my children.

4. Make sure the kids are helping with the chores and responsibilities at home. 

5. Pray at least a decade of the rosary as a family each night.

6. Get some real exercise a few times during the week.

7. Be kind to my spouse.

8. Make those chapel veils!

In my world that means a lot of things--or activities--I'd like to do are simply  not going to get done, because like everyone else, I'm limited by time. I can't do everything, and my home can't look like a house beautiful photo spread. It's okay and I need to be at peace about that.  

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