Fun and Dreams with Spanish Lace Veils

It had been a rainy day; drab and dull with little excitement. But then the doorbell rang and suddenly, everything changed. The deliveryman brought packages to the front door... This was the shipment they had been waiting for, and in it were several new styles of mantillas direct from Spain!

 As the sisters tried out the new styles, they began to dream of what they would wear at the various churches and cathedrals they were to visit during their next whirlwind trip to Europe!

"I am sure this one is for wearing to the Santa Maria del Fiore in Florence!" 

"I should like to wear this one to the Sacre Coeur!" said little sister.

"And for Lourdes!"

"This lace is so fine. It should be just right to wear before the Blessed Sacrament at the Burgos Cathedral."

"Such a silky-smooth veil! It feels a little bit like the clouds of heaven.... I want to wear it to Notre Dame de Paris."

 This flowery one is to wear to the Cologne Cathedral (Kölner Dom)!

"When are we leaving for our whirlwind tour?" asked the little sister to the big. "Alas and alack, no date has been set as yet." answered big sister to little, "Until then, we shall continue to plan and dream..."

If you'd like to dream along with us, you can purchase these veils in our "ready to ship" Department. They'll be going up for sale in the next few days.

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