St. Lydwine's Princess Style Veil

$17.95 USD

Here's a sweet little princess style veil in the white rigid floral lace. Perhaps the crisp white color with Venice lace trimming is especially nice in the summer on those hot days. But really you can wear this color and style year in and year out
 Although it's pictured here on a girl with a longer head of hair, the smaller princess style veil also is very flattering for shorter hairstyles. 
This style is timeless. The shape is a reproduction from a pattern that my mother bought in Rome in the the 1950s. 

This veil has been named for St Lydwine who suffered an ice skating accident from which she never recovered. For the rest of her life, Lydwine knew extreme suffering from several illnesses. She became a mystic and a victim soul,  accepting her pain and offering up her sufferings for the sins of the world. 
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