The Crucifixion.

Here's a Giotto fresco of the Crucifixion. Consider the actual shape of the cross and the meaning behind that. It reaches vertically, upward to the heavens. At the base, it sinks into the earth, towards hell. Our Lord's loving arms stretch horizontally, from one end of the earth to the other. The cross is both at the center of time in this world and beyond time in the next, and beyond time at the Mass. On this side of the veil, on our side, the horizontal side that we inhabit, there's grace. Beyond time, which is symbolized by the vertical, there's the judgement that awaits us. Ultimately it's either heaven or hell for each soul and what we do with the cross is the determining factor in where we end up. 
What will we do with the cross of Our Lord? Lord give us the grace to love the cross!

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