St Mark's Basilica, Venise Italy

I'd like to begin to share some of the photos from our recent trip to Italy. Here's St. Mark's.

Hubs and me.

The Mosaics. The architecture is Italo-Byzantine.

The stone below the crucifix is said to be a piece of the pillar from The Scourging.

Beautiful Latin Vestments. 

An Illuminated Manuscript.

More Vestments.

St. Mark's Square.

More Views from the Dome.


More Vestments.

A Bronze Relief located Behind the Main Altar.

More Reliquaires.

A bronze figure of St. Mark.

The Twelve Apostles. 14 century Gothic art. 

St. Mark's Campanile, the Bell Tower.

More Ceiling Mosaics. They cover the entire ceiling. I couldn't get over the detail. 

The Facade.

More of the Facade.

The Pillars. 

Altar Coverings.

View from the Balcony.

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