Here's my Easter veil.... Pasqualina.

The Paschal mystery is the death and resurrection of Our Lord Jesus Christ. On Holy Thursday, Christ instituted the Eucharist, the bread and wine which becomes His Body and Blood. On the Cross, he died for our sins. From the tomb He arose from the dead on Easter Sunday morning. This Paschal mystery continues at each and every holy Mass. Every Mass is the Gospel. It's also Good Friday and Easter all rolled into one.

Here below are some works painted by the Gothic master, Giotto. He introduced something entirely new and different. Giotto broke away from the more stylized Byzantine art that had been on the scene for the previous 200 years. Giotto was really looking at the world around him and painting what he saw. Gotta love him for that.

The Crucifixion.

  The Lamantation:

The Resurrection:
This is all the holy Mass.

"Enter, High Priest, into Thy heavenly Sacristy, and as Thy
earthly ambassadors hold aloft the Bread and Wine do Thou show
Thyself to the Father in loving intercession for us even unto the
consummation of the world. Earth has been cruel to Thee; but Thou
wilt be kind to earth. Earth lifted Thee on the Cross, but now
Thou shalt lift earth unto the Cross. Open the door of the
heavenly Sacristy, O High Priest! Behold it is now we who stand at
the door and knock!"
--Fulton J Sheen,  From his prologue to Calvary And The Mass.

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  1. Is this still available and what would the cost be or a site a can purchase it. It's amazing. I'm awed!


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