I've been working on a new veil in memory of a childhood friend.

We had lost touch with each other many years ago, and

I was saddened to hear recently that she'd passed away a long while ago.

Marcella, Requiem In Pace.

You can click here to see the veil at RM Mantilla.

It's hand pieced appliqué on black tulle, so this veil is a bit more labor intensive.

But I'm happy with the results. As with all my veils,

 I have a saint in mind--the veil's in honor Marcella's patron saint.

St. Marcella held the title of the "glory of the daughters of Rome."

She just so happens to be the partron saint of noblewomen.

Very fine. I like that.

Below is a lovely Mexican piece.

 I'm veering far off from Europe and the Masters this month.

I have to.

This Art doll is so visceral, isn't it? 

~La Calavera & the Shrine to St. Marcella~
Du Bah Du Designs.

You can see this work at the Gallery of Hope.

The palace of the widowed Marcella on the hill of Adventine 

became a welcoming shrine for the consecrated virgins of Rome. 

Marcella offered her pearls and rubies to Jerome.  

She was like the prophetess Anna in the Temple.

St. Jerome was her Simeon in turn and he taught her the sacred scripture.

How much virtue and ability? 

How much purity St. Jerome found in her he was afraid to say. 

And she kept him from useless bickering with his opponents. 

Marcella wore brown while trading her silk gowns for bread to feed 

the hungry children of Rome.

Years later when Rome was pillaged by Alaric, 

the aged Marcella was mercilessly beaten by Goth soldiers. 

They were looking for her forsaken treasures from long ago.

But she felt no pain as she died in Principia's arms. 

Marcella, what's inside the little box that's clutched to the tabernacle of your chest?  

Are these your treasures? 

Is it the Sacred Heart? 

Is it the Tree of Life bearing good fruit? 

St Marcella was asked if she had ever gone in want of daily bread. 

 She replied that in famine she didn't feel hunger, since she is full of Christ.

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