Ivanka and Melania Trump Veils at the Vatican.

So, they were at the Vatican last week. Current papacy and presidency and whatever feelings you have regarding those aside, what do you think of the actual veils?

I thought Ivanka's choice was a pretty bold fashion statement. A little gutsy even for a lady who is unaccustomed to veiling. No?  I like the headband.

But Melania, I could've done you better; softer, more romantic! It looks like it was starched or something. It sort of appears to be like a helmet. And she needs to push it back further on the head. Was she trying to prevent it from falling off?  Maybe a sewn-in comb would've been better if she was worried about slippage. For such a beautiful woman, she should be stunning in a mantilla. 

In the end though, I was impressed and thought they showed good form in going the traditional route with modest black clothing and wearing a veil at all. Especially given the things the pope had to say about Donald during the campaign. Nice job, ladies!

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